Chicken Poriyal

Chicken poriyal goes well with rice and Chappathi. It has good source of protein. It can be used to make wraps and sandwiches as well. Quick and easy to make.

Baked Eggs with Spinach

This is one of the easiest egg recipes to make and is an ideal breakfast dish. You can use any vegetables, or even add fish like tuna or salmon. It’s packed with protein and has minimal carbs!


Fun, quick afternoon school snack for the kids! My daughter loves to munch on these while doing her school work. They are super healthy to make, a great alternative to all the junk food out there. My daughter, who has diabetes, use to eat a lot of sugar, but after her diagnosis, she had to sadly stop. These quick snacks allow her to keep snacking, but stay healthy at the same time!

Bitter Gourd Masala

Bitter gourd (பாகற்காய்) is believed to help control the blood sugar levels (BGL). It goes well with both rice and Chappathi. It can also be filled in a wrap and have it as a quick snack

Peanut Salad

Boiled peanut salad is a quick snack to make. It’s an easy way to get protein in the vegetarian diet. It serves about 7 to 8 people.

Coconut & Banana Cookies (no added sugar!)

These are really simple, delicious cookies to make for a fun snack. My family always makes a bunch of batches on the weekend, and we constantly snack on them throughout the week. Added bonus, they are super healthy, but still taste so good!

Golden Oats Biscuits

These hearty and healthier biscuits are delicious and easy to make! Recipe from Sanitarium Weet-Bix.